How does Starship: Collector Compare to Puppy Love?

I have always been saying that Starship: Collector is a unofficial sequel to my first ever Flash game Puppy Love. When I finished Puppy Love I had a few ideas on how to improve it and thus a sequel idea appeared. However, for this game I wanted to go with a different theme in hopes to make it more universal appeal, but only time will tell if I succeeded or not.

The core game-play remains the same in Starship: Collector, but there are now new game-play mechanics to help expand the game-play possibilities. Also the iPhone input is really different beast then Flash so the way the player interacts with the game has also changed. All input is done through the touch screen and there is an arrow pad in the game window to control almost all of the movement around the grid.

The following table shows how the game modes compare, and also note that they have been expanded in most cases to give it more of a sequel type feel.
Mode Puppy Love Starship: Collector
Endurance Yes Yes
Time 3 version 4 version
Round 20 rounds - 4 entry points 20 rounds - 4 entry points
Puzzle 1 version - 25 puzzles 3 version - 40 puzzles
OOC No Yes

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